This past weekend i went riding with my boyfriend, Joe. He took me out to an opening in the woods and we rode around for hours. I started teatching him how to ride my fully automatic quad. At first he seemed really intimidated. But once he got the hang of using his hands and feet to shift, he did pretty well. He thinks hes going to start looking for a fully automatic quad to buy. Id be super happy if he did that because he is starting to be a really good rider. It makes me happy to see him getting good at something he enjoys. He can almost keep up with me now

When I first started riding i was eight. My dad and I were at my cousin Brendons house and he had just gotten a new quad. My dad picked me up put me on Brendons old quad and taught me how to ride. I rode it around the yard for hours that day. My dad could see how much i loved it so he bought it from my cousin the week later and gave it to me as a birthday present. My first quad was a hand-me-down “Baja 125” and i still have it to this day. Some day I’ll teach my daughter to ride.

I enjoy riding my quad more then anything. When I have the throttle pinned down and I fly across a field or track, I couldnt be happier. The feeling of wind hitting my neck and cheaks through my helmet, males me extremely relaxed and comforted. I do it so often that my boyfriend has decided to learn to ride. He even bought his own.